Objectives & Results

TeaM Cables aims at providing NPP operators with a novel methodology for efficient and reliable NPP cable ageing management by developing:

  • cable ageing models and algorithms, which are based on multi-scale studies and can be tailored to cover variations in fillers, additives and degrees of crosslinking,
  • methodologies for non-destructive testing techniques and their associated criteria identified from multiscale relations,
  • a novel “open access” tool, hereinafter referred to as the “TeaM Cables tool”, integrating all the models developed and providing the residual lifetime of cables by crossing non-destructive measurements with predictive models and knowledge of cable exposure conditions (wiring network in the NPP). Cable lifetime estimation accuracy will be greatly improved as current models only distinguish the type of polymer (e.g. EPR or XLPE) and therefore can describe only one parameter of the polymer. TeaM Cables models will be based on between three to six parameters (e.g. polymer type, filler type, antioxidant type) related to the polymer composition and the kinetics parameters. Accuracy and adaptability of the models will therefore be improved.
Team Cables

By the end of the project, TeaM Cables will deliver the following main results:

  • Elaboration of specifications for a suitable cable design and definition and boundary conditions for cable monitoring.
  • A partly publically available database with key ageing markers for ageing during normal and accidental conditions.
  • A new multiscale modelling approach to study polymer ageing addressing the problem of complex polymer formulation and to predict NPP cables lifetime correlating effects on molecular and micro levels with the macro level. This approach will be generic, thus applicable to various polymers families and formulations.
  • Proposals for elaboration and revision of standards of characterisation tests and NDT techniques.
  • New specifications for non-destructive techniques and micro-sampling techniques giving access to data related to the chemical ageing of the polymer and usable for residual lifetime calculation.
  • The TeaM Cables tool which supports the cable ageing management and lifetime prediction, capable of giving information about the effects of irradiation and temperature for main families of nuclear cables on a more accurate level than what is possible today.

TeaM-Cables: new publications available !

The European-funded project TeaM-Cables is pleased to announce that our partners have obtained new publications. They are now available on the public website. It is a great way to know more about the project and about the work achieved by the consortium.  To have a...

TeaM-Cables Final Symposium, 28-30 June 2022

In the framework of its Final Symposium, the partners of the European project TeaM-Cables met in Paris from 28 to 29 June 2022 at the Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris. This was an opportunity for the partners to meet and exchange on the results obtained by...

TeaM Cables second end-user workshop

The second End User Workshop took place in Germany last week. The meeting was held on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2 nd March 2022 and hosted by Framatome (FRA-G) at their premises in Erlangen. To ensure the industrial applicability of models and tools developed in TeaM...

TeaM Cables Winter School – videos & presentations available!

All sessions of the TeaM Cables Winter School on Advances in characterisation and modelling of polymer ageing applied to electrical cables held in Italy in November 2021 can now be watched on a dedicated YouTube playlist. They are also accessible in the Media Centre,...


Partner UJV is hosting the following meeting in connection with the TeaM Cables project: 2nd International Equipment Qualification in Nuclear Installations meeting. Save the date: May 23rd to 26th, 2022 for the meeting in Rez, Czech Republic We are optimistic that the...

TeaM Cables Winter School, Italy, 15th-18th November 2021

TeaM Cables is organising a Winter School consisting in two and a half days of lectures and experimental training for students and young engineers/scientists on condition monitoring techniques and life modelling of polymers applied to cables used in NPPs, with...

TeaM Cables publications available!

TeaM Cables partners are regularly publishing articles or abstracts for conferences, please check regularly the Publications section that is continuously updated!

TeaM Cables partners met at the University of Bologna on 27-29 March 2019

The TeaM Cables consortium met during the General Assembly of the project from 27th to 29th March, 2019 at the University of Bologna (Italy), one of the project partners. After 18 months since project start, this meeting was the occasion for the consortium to discuss...


Partner UJV is hosting the following meeting in connection with the TeaM Cables project: EQUIPMENT QUALIFICATION IN NUCLEAR INSTALLATIONS MEETING, May 20 - 23, 2019, Řež (30 minutes from Prague), Czech Republic More details and registration at...

TeaM Cables leaflet available for download in the Media Centre

The project's consortium is proud to announce that the leaflet summing the activities of the TeaM Cables project is now available online. The document can be consulted and downloaded from the Media Centre. 

 objectives & results