Press Material

TeaM Cables first press release - September 2017

Download TeaM-Cables press release n°1: TeaM-Cables-press_release-170926

Public deliverables

D2.2: Specifications of tests - accelerated ageing protocol, test strategy
Download deliverable D2.2:  TMC-D2_2-Specifications_of_tests
D2.3: Specifications of accident conditions – Experimental test protocols
D2.4: Cable ageing progress report n°1
Download deliverable D2.4:  TMC-D2_4-Cable_ageing_progress_report_no1
D2.5: Cable ageing progress report n°2
D3.1: Database available for upload
Download deliverable D3.1:  TMC-D3_1-Database_available_for_upload
D3.2: Measurement Protocols
Download deliverable D3.2: TMC-D3_2-Measurement_protocols
D3.4: EPRS and Electrical techniques report
D4.1: Multi scale models or relations for unaged polymers
D4.3: Kinetics modelling of formulated polymer ageing in nuclear environment without fillers
D4.4: Multiscale modelling of polymer ageing
D4.6: Kinetics modelling of formulated polymer ageing in nuclear environment with fillers
D6.1: First revision of specifications (of the TeaM Cables Tool)
D6.2: Implementation of the software
D7.2: Project public website
Dowload deliverable D7.2: TMC-D7_2-Project_Public_Website

Project Documentation

TeaM Cables project flyer
Download TeaM Cables flyer: TeaM-Cables-leaflet
TeaM Cables project presentation
Download TeaM Cables project presentation: TeaM-Cables-presentation

TeaM Cables Winter School, Italy, 15th-17th November 2021 – REGISTRATION OPEN

TeaM Cables is organising a Winter School consisting in two and a half days of lectures and experimental training on condition monitoring techniques and life modelling of cables used in NPPs, with particular focus on techniques developed during the project.   Date:...

TeaM Cables publications available!

TeaM Cables partners are regularly publishing articles or abstracts for conferences, please check regularly the Publications section that is continuously updated!

TeaM Cables partners met at the University of Bologna on 27-29 March 2019

The TeaM Cables consortium met during the General Assembly of the project from 27th to 29th March, 2019 at the University of Bologna (Italy), one of the project partners. After 18 months since project start, this meeting was the occasion for the consortium to discuss...


Partner UJV is hosting the following meeting in connection with the TeaM Cables project: EQUIPMENT QUALIFICATION IN NUCLEAR INSTALLATIONS MEETING, May 20 - 23, 2019, Řež (30 minutes from Prague), Czech Republic More details and registration at...

TeaM Cables leaflet available for download in the Media Centre

The leaflet summing the activities of the TeaM Cables project can be dowloaded from the Media Centre.

TeaM Cables partners met during the NUGENIA forum in April 2018 in Prague

The TeaM Cables consortium was present during NUGENIA annual forum organised between 10-12 April 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. It was an opportunity for partners to meet seven months after project start.

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